Four Roses - 100% Dominican dive bar located on Pedro Clisante at the intersection of Anna Maria. Small eight stool bar with a small take out kitchen connected. The best way to find this place is to listen for Bachata music and look for the large glass display loaded with food. The bartenders don’t speak English but they do a damn good job sorting out drink and food orders with the tourists. This little bar has some of the best food in the city and their fried chicken might just be the best on the planet.

Ramona’s - Maps / Located in the lobby of the Europa Hotel is an outdoor bar and an indoor restaurant. Ramona operates both of them. The bar is a true Dominican bar with stiff drinks, cold beer and Bachata music pumping out of the speakers. You’ll find a lot of tourists from the Europa sitting at the bar trying to drink Dominican style. Her restaurant inside looks like a posh California restaurant with white linens, table service and cold A/C. Her menu always has a daily Dominican plate and it is always delicious. Pro-Tip, this is a great spot for breakfast in air conditioned comfort.

CuCu Bar II - the original CuCu bar was a gigantic thatch roof building complete w pool tables, loud Latin music and a very big bar. The roof is gone and so is the business. CuCu bar II is located another four blocks down Pedro Clisante. This place gets pumping every night around 10pm and we are super glad we don’t live near it. Loud music, strong drinks and lot’s of off duty taxi drivers and motoconcho’s. You should have some Spanish language skills to try this place.

Sosua Lights - aka City Lights. This is a gigantic club located on Pedro Clisante one block down from Dr. Rosen heading away from the strip. There is no gentle way to describe this place other than to say, it has a mixed clientele. The Haitian girls love to dance in this place and it can get pretty busy after 11pm. Loud Latin music, lots of room to dance, good table service and the security guys here are excellent. You can absolutely come into this place to dance and drink without being bothered by anyone.

Copa Cabana - “The Copa” This is Sosua’s LATE NIGHT bar, as in so late that it isn’t even supposed to be open. If you end up at the Copa chances are good that you either did too much day drinking or not enough. If slamming shots at 4am with a mix of locals and intoxicated expats sounds like fun than this is your spot. Be warned, this bar is not for the meek or for the first time visitor to Sosua.. The Copa is located back in a residential section of Sosua down near Infinity Blu Condos. It can get a little “rambunctious” here on the wrong night so try and behave yourself while drinking here. Jump on a Moto or take a taxi… they all know exactly where it is. Do not let “Drunk You“ to attempt to walk down to this bar late at night.