Flip Flop O’clock - not a true Expat bar but being American owned puts them on this list also. Sports bar and taco shop this is a great spot to watch the game and eat some really good food including tacos, nachos, burritos, burgers, wings.. etc. Located in the Plaza at the top of the beach entrance. Family friendly.

Jolly Roger - Maps / FB / located downtown on the strip. This is a great spot to enjoy a good drink, eat some good food and have a conversation without being bothered by ladies of the night or the mongering crowd. Trivia, Karaoke, and sports “HOCKEY EH “ on the TV. If you are a Canadian this is your home away from home.

The Britannia - “The Brit” is located right next to Jolly Roger downtown on the strip also. Unfortunately the owner of this great little spot recently passed away and the bar is currently closed. We’ll update with any news.

MidTown Bar - Maps / American owned and operated, Matteo runs a damn good bar. Located at Las Palmeras Hotel at the entrance to downtown Sosua. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served. If your a Patriots fan this is your spot. Read our review here.

Checkpoint - Maps / literally just a bar sitting in the middle of the the Plaza at the top of the beach. Historically AMET - D.R. traffic police used to love posting up on this corner, thus the fitting name. This is a prime expat gathering spot for afternoon day drinking. Definitely worth a stop on your way back up from the beach.

Fragile Rock - Head down towards Playa Alicia and you’ll see “Fragile” sitting on the left hand side just before the Alicia Beach Hotel. British owned and operated but has people from all corners of the earth posted up at the bar. It doesn’t matter where you are from, as long as your a boozer you’ll fit right in. Probably not the place to bring the family as it can get a little ”interesting” in the evenings. Cold beer, good prices and rooms to rent if you get too hammered to drive home.

Spanky’s - Located at bottom of David Stern just past Hotel Don Andres, this is the epitome of old ex-pat watering holes. One huge bar occupies the entire place with a solo pool table in an adjacent room. Friendly english speaking bartenders, sometimes food, and always a good debate flowing amongst the patrons, usually revolving around the current price of Presidente. 

Finish Line - Around the corner from the Super Super Liquor store on Calle Ayuntamiento is Mike’s Finish Line bar. A bit tough to find but just ask any Canadian in town and they’ll provide exact directions.

Teds - Maps / One bar, four stools, Ted, and a bunch of cold beer. Across from the CoCo Hotel. As the saying goes, If you’ve been to Ted’s you’ve been here to long. Not entirely true.. Ted has been here for over twenty five years and he always has a good story to tell. Well worth a stop.

Oasis at Tradewinds - If your staying at the Tradewinds Condos your in luck. George’s Oasis bar is within stumbling distance to your front door. If there is an NHL game on, it will be on the TV. Cold beer and good conversation at this little spot.

Charly’s Bar - Maps / Premier league soccer fan? This is your place. Located in front of Club Residencial condos is Charly’s. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cheers - Looking for a place where everyone knows your name? Keep walking down Pedro Clisante past Plan B and Charly’s and you’ll find Cheers. Cold beer, good times.

Valentino’s - Small cafe/bar with a strong European vibe located on Duarte street.

Coco Hotel - closed

Hotel Voramar - The bar and restaurant at this hotel are easily one of the best kept secrets in town. We did a little stay-cation at this property and we wrote a full review. It is located down past the casino at Playa Chiquita. Pool table, darts, great food, excellent drinks and ambiance.