Marriott Group coming to the North Coast

Marriott group has announced a 350 million dollar project along the North Coast.

This announcement was made a few weeks ago and since then we have been trying to squeeze some out some additional details. Obviously this is a big deal for the North Coast. Marriott is one to the leading hotel brands in North America and they would undoubtedly help drive additional tourism to the area. 

Here is what we know:

Marriott International has partnered with Ocean Club Group, a D.R. based development company. The two groups plan on adding three luxury resorts to the North Coast. A Ritz Carlton, a Luxury Collection branded resort, and a W hotel. At least one of the properties will be located in Sosua. Ocean Club already owns and operates the Gansevoort resort here in Sosua, more on that in a second. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 10.24.25 AM.png

Here is what we are hearing - via the rumor mill (grain of salt): 

There has been a lot of speculation on where these hotels will be located. The one rumor which seems to make the most sense is that the Ocean Club - formerly the Gansevoot property, will be rebranded as a Marriott Luxury Collection hotel, the W hotel will be located in Cabarete and that the Ritz Carlton will be constructed on oceanfront property somewhere in between Sosua and Puerto Plata. None of this has been substantiated and its anyones guess until more details are released.
Regardless, this is great news for all three communities. 

Small article in the Hotel Management publication - read it here.

Stay tuned.