Coming Soon - Papa's Jazz Lounge (sneak peek!)


We were invited in for a quick sneak peek of the new jazz club being built in town. The location is a bit surprising until you discover who the proprietors are. Here’s the scoop!

Sherman and his business partner Gill, the men behind the hugely popular Treehouse bar & restaurant on Playa Sousa have started another venture; Papa’s Jazz Lounge. The new place is located on the beach directly next door to the Treehouse. We took a quick look inside and were blown away. Everything from the decor to the bright shiny new kitchen looks top notch. We snapped a quick photo and we think you’ll agree, the place looks amazing.

Grand Opening appears to be right around the corner (maybe this weekend?) We’ll get over there and sample the food/drink menus and report back with the details. Stay tuned!!!!