Street Food - don't be scared!


We get asked all the time if the food from street vendors safe to eat? Answer, yes, yes and yes. Not only is it safe to eat but it is usually quite delicious. Now that doesn’t mean ALL of the street food is safe. Due diligence is always encouraged. We generally stay away from the guy selling dead fish on the side route 5 - obvious. A good litmus test is the number of moto’s and locals perched around. This is a pretty good indication of whether or not the food is good, and the majority of it is!


One of our favorite things about the Dominican Republic is the vast availability of really good food ( and cold beer ). The variety, quality and taste is amazing. You can easily find everything from fresh fruit to southern fried chicken at the various roadside stands, kiosks and trucks. As ridiculous as it might sound, in our opinion… the best fried chicken in the world is located right here in Sosua. (J walk from the CuCu bar and your nose will lead you )That’s coming from a staff who has logged quite a few miles on the ole Winnebago.

in the coming weeks we’ll start to highlight some of our favorite local food troughs. Everything from the chicharron in Los Charamicos to the guy with the pig roaster up in Cabarete. For now we just wanted to tease our audience with some tasty photos of our samplings this weekend.

In the mean time - get out there and eat!

IMG_8320 2.JPG