The art of the deal - beach vendors

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Back to our list of stuff you can buy on Playa Sosua.

Sunglasses, jewelry, slides, sandals, fake Jordans, clothing of all categories including thongs and socks, phone chargers, magic shows (shout out to MR. T ), empanadas, coffee, pedicures, massages, shrimps, oysters, lambi (conch) salad, coconuts, fresh organic chocolate, old non organic chocolate bars from Playero hair beads and braiding, a song from any of the musicians, cigars, watches, banana boat rides, your photo with (insert weird animal), perfume and cologne, cd/dvd’s, phone cases, hats, and that’s where we stopped - Disclaimer- This list was compiled on a Sunday afternoon during a two hour / five jumbo Presidente time period. Don’t judge.

We’re positive one or two slipped through our list but we’re still pretty impressed with the diversity.

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What can you buy on Playa Sosua? This question might be better posed as - what can’t you buy on Playa Sosua? Alright put those dirty thoughts away, this is a clean blog, well mostly clean… Love em or hate em the vendors on the beach sell a variety of items and services. Everything from sunglasses to a massage (stop it, last warning) can be had without even budging from your lounger. We were down sampling one of our favorite watering holes and tried to compile a list. Products and Services offered by Playa Sosua vendors… We did not include prices because no one really knows what the actual prices are. The price charged for a pair of fake RayBan’s fluctuates more than the US stock market. We’ve paid as little as 100 pesos and we’ve heard stories of tourists paying as much as 3000 pesos. “Wait. These are fake?”

As with everything in our little slice of heaven, buyer beware. If you don’t know how to haggle ask a local for help and wait for the argument to ensue. There is nothing more entertaining than listening to a couple locals argue about how much you should be paying for a pair of shades. “200 pesos? NO! Dios Mio!!!” shaking head in disgust. For the record, 150-200 pesos is the sweet spot for them lenses. Never, ever, ever, pay the first price quoted. This would be like walking into your local Oldsmobuick dealership and paying invoice + dealer fee + the infamous undercoating fee on a new car… The beach vendors in this country put your average North American used car salesman to shame. Do not be afraid to negotiate and the fake walk away is usually what finally gets you down to the rock bottom price.

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