Bourbon Street - Sunday NFL deal

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We decided to switch things up last Sunday and visit Bourbon Street in Sosua for our weekly NFL fix. They had a pretty good crowd for a Sunday, especially considering the fact that it was a beautiful day and every one of us should have been down on the beach instead of inside watching tv.


Bourbon Street is ground zero in Sosua for a large portion of the male tourists visiting town. If you’ve just landed in the Dominican Republic and found your way to Sosua, this is a good spot to have a meal, drink a beer and get your bearings. All of the tables feature a wide open view of the street and lets be honest, that’s why 99.8 percent of the patrons are in here. The food is good, the service is good, the location is good, the view is good… and we’ll just leave it at that.

There isn’t a single person in Sosua who doesn’t know where Bourbon Street is located but here is a google map link just in case. There it is, right smack dab in the middle of Sosua’s infamous strip - Pedro Clisante.

Our waitress came over and informed us about the Sunday football deal. 1000 pesos (per person) for all you can drink draft beer and all you can eat wings. What kind of beer, the wet kind? Honestly I couldn’t say for sure but one would think that they probably had a keg of Presidente back behind the bar. But this is the Dominican Republic… so who knows and our taste test was inconclusive. All we can say is that It was definitely a very light lager of some sort and none of us suffered any ill consequences from drinking it. Regardless, for this deal to work out in our favor the math said that were going to need to pound back about seven of those beers and eat a big ole plate of wings. We easily eclipsed the seven beer mark and we went through a ton of wings over a four hour period. #winning

The wings were good. Lots of different choices from BBQ, Honey Mustard, Hot, Vinegar etc. All laid out in a self serve buffet style setting. They did a good job in keeping the bins full and we didn’t hear a single complaint throughout the afternoon.


They have a big wall filled with TV’s at one end of the restaurant. This is where the action was centered on Sunday. Each of the tv’s had a different game playing so it was pretty easy to keep track of which slips we were winning on and which ones were losing on. FYI - betting on sports is LEGAL in the Dominican Republic. There are a dozen sports books all within walking distance of Bourbon Street. The whole Sunday setup reminded us of your typical college bar, complete with the paper wristband signifying that you were taking part in the all you can drink fun. At one point they were even passing out a free jello shots…. GO STATE! - Cheap beer, cheap wings, and sports on the TV’s. What’s not to like about that?

Is Bourbon Street the perfect place for a romantic Thursday night dinner with the wife? Definitely not. Is it a good spot to hang with your buddies and watch football? Sure. Is it your first stop if your a solo male traveler, fresh out of the airport and visiting Sosua for the first time? Absolutely.