NeverLand on a Sunday morning

Three motorcycles are parked in the driveway next to what appears to be a brand new Mercedes SUV. According to the notification from my Arlo security cameras the SUV arrived at 3am driven, driven by a sometimes “ex” girlfriend and her two amigas from Santo Domingo. They are currently sprawled out on the living room couches sleeping the morning away with Telenovelas playing in the background. Turn off the TV and they’ll wake up instantly otherwise they won’t stir until early afternoon. When they do wake up, they’ll cook a big Dominican lunch for everyone and then lounge next to the pool all day, cell phone in hand. 

The motorcycles belong to some surfing buddies from Cabarete, they grabbed two of the spare bedrooms last night.  The other bedroom is occupied by a fellow boat captain / friend /  co-worker, his duffle bag fresh from a transatlantic crossing and its still sitting in the hallway.  Pretty sure there is a girl in there with him but who’s judging? Two hurricanes and a blown engine, he deserves a little R/R. 

Dive gear, surfboards, beach towels, footballs, floats, beer bottles and one empty handle of rum litter the pool deck. A bunch of crumpled up lost betting slips and a couple of empty pizza boxes liter the kitchen table. Welcome to Sunday morning at the SosuaOne compound and I wasn’t even supposed to be here today..

There isn’t a single male in the house under the age of forty… yet this is how we roll. In America we would be out mowing the lawn, painting the house or repairing a broken something or other. My ex wife (now BFF) calls this behavior “Peter Panning”, she’s not wrong. That’s exactly what it is. Grown men acting and living like college kids. The first time she dropped that term on me I got so worked up I hat to schedule an extra therapy session, lets talk... Since moving to the Dominican Republic I’ve come to discover that there is a whole group of “grown” men who missed the Adulting 101 class. NeverLand is real, and some of us live here full time. 

Don’t get me wrong. I have adult friends in America and I completely understand the lifestyle. There was a period of my life when I worked a corporate job, mowed the lawn on Sunday and tried to be the traditional American middle aged man. It didn’t stick, I couldn’t keep it together. I regressed. I went from a corporate executive / business owner to someone who sails boats around the world, hurricanes or not. In fact all of the guys currently snoozing away in the casa have or are leading “interesting” lives. An ex cop from LA, one worked oil rigs in Canada, another was a fighter pilot in the Navy, and Alex is like me, he sails large expensive pieces of fiberglass across oceans. 

We are all bullish on the future of Sosua. There aren’t many places left in this world were you are allowed or can afford to live like this. The combination of the Dominican “do your own thing” culture, low cost of living, tropical climate and and the amazing natural resources is what makes this place what it is. There a lot more Peters out there and SosuaOne is the lighthouse showing the way home. It’s also my way of defending Neverland from all of the negativity that gets spewed out on the internet and message boards. ( We have an article dropping next week and its saucy.) It’s not for everyone. I give the proper warning when responsible adults want to come down for a visit. “Perhaps you’d be more comfortable with a room at the Millennium.” is the first line of every reply. More often than not, they choose to camp out here and partake in the nonsense. We dive, surf, drink and gamble like a bunch of degenerates. But its tranquillo and you can be yourself, even if your a lost boy.

Enough writing, this is starting to feel like some sort of responsible act. Time to put the computer away and turn up the music.. Happy Sunday from NeverLand.