US Military in the Dominican Republic?

Last Thursday we saw what appeared to be two US Blackhawk helicopters flying low over the mountains heading South. That chimed in with a rumor that we’ve been hearing about the United States having some sort of military exercise going on in the Dominican Republic. This rumor was super charged by a statement from the Cuban government a few days ago. The Cubans are claiming that the US is staging troops and equipment at various bases around the Caribbean including San Isidro Air Base here in the Dominican Republic - all for use during an impending attack on Venezuela - you can read that statement here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 2.04.46 PM.png

We have also heard a rumor that US forces are being used to assist the Dominicans Army as it beefs up border security with Haiti. - at this point completely unsubstantiated. Yet with the turmoil going on in Haiti and the number of Americans vacation/living in the DR, this would not be surprising. The US State Department issued this a few days ago, not exactly a good time to book a family vacation to Port Au Prince.

Now we have a news report posted in Dominican Today stating the following “ A contingent of US Southern Command forces specialized against amphibious and terrorist attacks train jointly with Dominican military, focusing on airport spaces and marine operations at Las Calderas Naval Base in Baní (south).”

So it does seem that these rumors have some merit and that our eye’s weren’t lying! Please let us know if you see any of our boy’s in blue flying around.

We’ll be sure to post an update if anything else gets reported.