Tony's late night food truck


It’s 1:00am and you just stumbled out of your favorite club. Your belly is hungry for something besides alcohol but most of the restaurants are closed - never fear, Tony’s food truck is very, very near. Walk up Dr. Rosen, make a left on Route 5 and walk 25 yards - boom your there. Super hard to miss with the bright lights and the dozen’s of motto’s swarming around it. 


Tony’s is a little slice of heaven for both tourists and locals alike. But we don’t need to tell you how good the food is; They have a photo on the side of the truck of a girl jumping over a plate of tacos on a jetski - dang, you know its gonna be good! jajajajaja. All joking aside, you can fill up on some seriously good hangover avoidance food for less than 300 pesos. Taco’s, burritos, sandwishes (their spelling not ours). Our Spanish language ability seems to decline with heavy bar use so it was nice to discover that a few of the guys working at the truck spoke some English. We ordered a couple of chicken burritos, stepped back and mingled with a few of the moto drivers and before we knew it our food was bagged and ready to go. 

Pro Tip - You can also call your food order in and send a moto driver to get it. Tony’s 829-638-9005


Tony’s is not open during they day. They usually roll up around 9pm and start selling food as soon as the grill is hot. We definitely took note of how clean and bright everything was. The stainless steel and chrome is kept spotless and that is always good indicator that someone cares. It might not be a five star restaurant but for yummy late night food and good friendly service - this is the spot!