Playa Alicia

For some reason we always seem to forget about Playa Alicia. Perhaps its due to the fact that we literally have six “world class” beaches within a 20 minute drive of Sosua. - this is one of them. White sand, magnificent view, clear water and easily accessible, check, check, check and check! Relocate this beach to Punta Cana and it would be jammed packed with tourists on a daily basis. We thought we’d try to put it back on the map by reminding everyone of how beautiful it is and how lucky we are to have it, right downtown!


Just a few blocks from downtown Playa Alicia is located right at the bottom of Dr. Rosen Blvd. Easily accessible for those staying at Casa Marina, El Rancho, Terra Linda and the other downtown hotels. If your driving just turn left at the end of the road and you’ll find a nice little parking lot directly across from the entrance to the beach. Umbrella and chairs are available to rent and there is always someone willing to fetch you a bottle of water or a cold beer.

This is also an excellent place for sunset. Steven’s Cafe and Waterfront are both perched directly above the beach. We took our own advice and grabbed a couple cold beers at Steven’s. The view was amazing as we watched the sun slowly set over Puerto Plata. So next time your scheduling a beach day, keep Alicia in mind. It’s great change of pace from Playa Sosua.