Las Cuevas de Cabarete - The Caves of Cabarete

If cave exploring or swimming in an underground lagoon are on your bucket list, wow do we have the place for you! Tucked away on the outskirts of Cabarete in the El Choco National Forest is Las Cuevas de Cabarete. This is absolutely one of the best hidden gems on the North Coast. Great educational activity for the entire family and a memory maker for sure.


Head up to Cabarete and turn right at the light across from Ocean Dream and Gorditos Tacos (stop here when your done for lunch!). Follow the road all the way to the end and you’ll see the park pavilion on your right and a swimming lagoon on your left. Definitely pack a swimsuit and a towel.


Check in at the park pavilion and a multi lingual guide will be assigned to your group. The fee is 20.00 per person and includes park fee, use of a hard hat with flash light and the guide. This is a walking tour so be sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes on - it’s doable in Flips but sneakers or water shoes would probably be the better option. The tour winds through the jungle and up/over a few hills, we put the difficulty level at about a four. The guides take the time to point out different types of vegetation and the historical uses and significance of the various plants. If you’ve ever wondered where Puerto Plata got its name… you will know the answer before the tour is over.


The first spot we came to was an open cave with a small lagoon at the bottom. Your welcome to take a turn jumping off the cliff into the lagoon, or just stand back and watch lol. The tour continues on back into the forest where you will discover one of the deeper cave entrances. Wooden steps and ropes have been placed to make the decent a bit easier. Hard hat secured, light switched on and down you go. Once at the bottom you discover a giant cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The guides send a few minutes explaining the formations and answering questions before asking everyone to douse their flashlights. Pitch black darkness is the only way to explain the next 10 seconds.

They save the best for last. The final descent is made into a deeper cave with a giant lagoon at the bottom. A platform has been installed and your welcome to go for a swim. Be warned, the water is FRIO! This is absolutely the highlight of the tour and an amazing opportunity to do something that very few people ever get to experience. So never mind the chilly water just jump in and take a dip inside a cave!

We had an amazing time at the caves and really enjoyed the natural beauty and the educational information provided by the tour guides. Be sure to check this place out.