Playa Encuentro - updated


We’ve been down on Encuentro surfing all week so we decided to repost this article and add a few more pics. - Enjoy

“Oh god, they are going to torture us with another beautiful beach story” Yes we are. Ladies and Gentlemen without further ado, let us introduce you to Playa Encuentro. Looking for the best waves on the North Coast, this is it. The number one surf spot in the area and probably the entire Dominican Republic, Encuentro has a magnificent and very consistent break. It’s also not over populated with surfers meaning there isn’t a gigantic line up waiting on the outside for the next set. There have been plenty of mornings when it was possible to paddle out and meet up with only a few other surfers. This break has everything that we love about tropical surfing. Clean, warm water and a break that doesn’t have exposed coral surrounding it. Several surf schools are on-site so if your new just walk over and sign up for a lesson. They have a pretty good quiver of rental boards also available so if you left your stick at home you should be able to find something suitable.


For those who aren’t interested in surfing the beach is absolutely amazing. One long stretch of white sand reaching down the coast to a grove of Palm Trees in the distance. We threw a photo in at the bottom of this article. This place is so damn pretty that you will literally fill your phone up with pictures. Best part, very few tourists and zero beach vendors walking around. Pack a cooler, grab a towel, lather on that reef safe sunscreen and hit the beach for a quiet afternoon in paradise.

If you get hungry Point Break is located at the foot of the beach and has a nice selection of burgers, wraps and other beach delights. They serve up a pretty damn good Mojito also.


Directions to Encuentro Beach

Encuentro can be a bit tricky to find but we’ve got ya covered. Here’s how to find it. The beach is located between Sosua and Cabarete along the North Shore road (route 5), there is a sign at the entrance but you really have to pay attention otherwise you’ll drive right past it, look for the HIDEAWAY BEACH sign as it is much easier to spot. - see the attached photo.

If your heading towards Cabarete from Sosua start looking off to your left hand side after you pass Perla Marina. It’s about two kilometers past that gated neighborhood. Turn at the sign and head down the dirt road for about half of a kilometer and you’ll come to Encuentro Surf Lodge (another cool spot to grab a snack or rest your head - article coming!). Turn left onto the road directly opposite of the Lodge, it looks like a private road (with the gate and imposing signage) but it is not. There has been some disputes in the past over that gate being shut at times but that seems to have blown over. The beach is absolutely open for the public. Just smile at the guard and drive right on down that road like you own it. You’ll end up in a gravel parking lot. Welcome to Encuentro! As with every place in the D.R. - LOCK UP your car.


Two showers fashioned out of surfboards sit on the entrance path to the beach with adjacent restrooms. As usual, enjoy the beach but please pick up after yourself and respect the environment. This really is a special place and there is a concerted effort to protect it.