Rest up - St. Patricks Day is Sunday!

Start hydrating and get rested up because Sunday is St. Patricks Day.


Lucky for us we have a full fledged Irish Bar Finn McCools right here in Sosua! Frank and the gang know how to spread that Irish love and they are expecting a packed house on St. Patty’s day. The whole gang from SOSUA ONE will be huddled up trying our best to rid the world of Guinness beer and Jamisons irish whiskey. Stop by and lend us a hand!

In additional to our favorite Irish libations, Finn’s will have authentic Irish stew brewing in the back and Irish music pumping through the speakers.

IMG_7733 2.JPG

As usual the gang will probably find something to bet some money on. So there you have it, drinking, eating, music and gambling. What more could any legit Irishman want on St. Patricks day? So get your green on and come down to Finn McCools - located on Pedro Clisante just a few doors down from City Lights.

One last thing, and this is a Pro Tip: Do you see that milkshake photo we posted over ———-> there? That is actually an adult beverage called a Bushwacker. It is very popular over in the Virgin Islands which makes sense because that’s where it was invented. One day back in the 70’s a bartender at Sapphire pub on St. Thomas decided to throw a mixture of Rum, Kahlua, Baileys, cream of coconut, more rum, and a dash of nutmeg in the blender. Hola - the Bushwacker was born. An adult milkshake that is not only delicious but also potent! Drink a couple of these things and you’ll need a handler. Why are we telling you this? Well the owner of Finn McCools ( Frank ) is also an ex resident of St. Thomas. So naturally he brought the Bushwacker with him over here to Sosua and put it on the menu at Finn McCools. Frank calls his version the PattyWhacker but trust us, it’s a Bushwacker.

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