Pizza! Ceiba Pizza to be exact


We decided to grab a pizza after “work” yesterday evening. We had been told on the down low about Ceiba Cafe’s pizza at their new location in the beer garden downtown Sosua. So we drifted in and ordered a large Margerita pie to go. The order went in, we handed over our 575 pesos and within seven minutes we were out the door with one fantastic looking pizza. Things that we really took notice of, incredibly friendly staff, the kitchen is mostly exposed so you can watch your pizza getting made, the restaurant was very clean and here is the big one.. a legit stone oven where they cook the pizza next to a wood fire.


How did it taste? Absolutely delicious. It was cooked perfectly and the cheese/sauce/spices hit all of the marks. We really are spoiled up here on the North Coast. For all of the imperfections and blemishes that mark the area we are blessed with some really great dinner options. Back in North America we probably would have settled for some bleached out Dominos take out pizza. Not here, not with the crew over at Ceiba. If you get hungry watching basketball or need something to balance out your alcohol intake - just head towards the beer garden complex and grab a pie from Ceiba. As we all know, pizza after a long day can be a life saver and good pizza can be a game changer!

Don’t forget these guys also have a location up at Perla Marina and they also DELIVER :)

Ceiba Pizza 829-868-8808