Hispaniola Diners Club


Tucked up on the hill away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Sosua sits our favorite restaurant on the North Coast - Hispaniola Diners Club. Looking for excellent food, extremely fair pricing and a breath taking view? Well grab your bae bae and head up the hill for a little date night action. Trust us, you’ll soon forget that you are even in the Dominican Republic. The Diners Club looks out over the rolling hills and country club like atmosphere of Residential Hispaniola onward to the Atlantic Ocean. The vide here is a mix of fine dining restaurant and chill European patio cafe. You can snuggle up to a white linen corner table with your amor and whisper sweet nothings into the night air or you can bounce in with your buddies and fall into one of the patio sofa tables for a few Absolute and sodas. Either way you’ll be equally as comfortable and welcomed up here.

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The menu ranges from a yummy Fondu to their famous Tomahawk, one of the biggest steaks served in the country. Camarones with strawberry risotto? Tuna Tar Tar? Salmon in garlic sauce? Chicken cordon bleu? YES, YES, YES, YES AND YES - see where we are going here..? Is your wallet starting to twitch? Well you can tell it to relax as you’ll be hard pressed to find a menu item priced over 800 pesos.

Just want to chill and unwind with your buddies? No worries they have ice cold Presidente and wings on the menu also.

We find the prices here extremely reasonable especially considering the quality and presentation of the food coming out of that kitchen.

Look we can ramble on all day about how good the food is, the spectacular view, the ambiance and the excellent service but we’d rather just post a bunch of pictures, tell you how to get there and link the menu. So here we go…


Hispaniola Diners Club is located on Camino Del Libre, about 100 yards past the entrance to Residential Hispaniola. Less than a five minute walk up the hill from downtown Sosua. Google Map it here.

Menu link here.

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