Midtown Bar


We had a burger craving earlier this week. It was the kind of craving that starts in your head just before breakfast and hangs there all day until you do something about it. No one can be expected to function properly with the perpetual smell of a bacon cheeseburger haunting them. Action had to be taken and taken it was. We slipped into Midtown (aka Matt’s bar) just after noon. Guess what the daily lunch special was? ….. wait for it……..BOOM - BACON CHEESEBURGER for 275 pesos! Sometimes the gods just smile upon us don’t they? We can drone on all day about how good that burger was but why bother - a picture is worth a thousand words. Wow did it hit the spot and for 275 PESOS!!' That left enough money in the wallet to have an extra beer!

Listen, if you haven’t visited Midtown you definitely should. It is located poolside at Hotel Las Palmeras - right in the heart of Sosua. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner out of a damn good kitchen and there is almost always a special. Our second favorite things about Midtown is the location. With it being tucked back in behind Las Palmeras, your shielded from most of the city noise. It’s actually a really peaceful place to sit for a meal or have a few beverages with a friends poolside.

Two flat screen tv’s hang behind the bar and if there’s a sporting event chances are pretty solid that Matt will have it on. If the New England Patriots are playing football there is a 1000 percent chance the TV’s will have it on.

Ohhhh one last thing. If you happen to be in Sosua during Super Bowl - Midtown puts up a huge projector screen and is one of the best spots on the North Coast to watch the game.