David Ortiz ( Big Papi) in stable condition after shooting


David Ortiz - Boston Red Socks was shot last night while sitting at the Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo. Video footage shows Ortiz seated at a table as the gunman approaches. One shot was fired at 8:50 pm striking Ortiz in the back. The bullet passed though his body and exited. He was rushed to Clinica Abel Gonzalez, it is being report that Ortiz told doctors, “Please don’t let me die. I’m a good man.

According to ESPN, doctors expect a full recovery and that no major organs were struck. Reporter Enrique Rojas cited a conflicting report indicating that parts of Ortiz’s colon as well as his gallbladder were removed and “his liver was also damaged.” Regardless, the latest statement from Clinical Abel Gonzalez is that Ortiz is in Stable condition and recovering.

The gunman was captured by bystanders and severally beaten. He was taken to a local hospital by the police. We have a feeling that the gunman will not have an enjoyable experience in jail once he is released from the hospital. Good luck dude, we give ya about one hour..

David Ortiz was born in Santo Domingo and he is the most popular sports figure in the country.