Twenty signs that you drive like a Dominican

Twenty Signs that you drive like a Dominican

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This is an all inclusive list of driving hate. Oh and lets be clear, this is not just the Dominicans who are driving crazy here. These roads are filled with a multinational cross section of quote un-quote “drivers” with little or no business being behind the wheel of anything north of a one speed bicycle. Yet here we go. Laugh away, but ya’ all know who you are!


20. Your moto has seating for seven

19. Belief that the shoulder of the road is actually an extra lane for passing.

18. Forget that you have blinkers.

17. Flash your brights repeatedly

16. Honk your horn repeatedly while sitting behind four cars at a red light

15. Evasive speed bump maneuvers

14. No tail lights and/or tail lights

13. The load limit of your vehicle is determined by the amount of rope you have.

12. Throwing anything and everything out the window, trash and lumber included.

11. Stopping traffic to casually speak to someone for twenty minutes

10. Intentionally going the wrong way down a one way street because it is faster

09. Parking your car in the middle of the road while running errands. 

08. Whistling and hissing at people from the drivers seat.

07. Right of way?

06. Driving after drinking a whole bottle of Brugal and/or case of Presidente.

05. Twelve passengers and a goat in a two door sedan.

04. Accelerating through the yellow….. wait…. red light

03. Passing regardless of the on-coming traffic while crossing over a bridge. 

02. Bachata music so loud it shakes the asphalt. 

01. Honking, hissing, and yelling at the driver of the car that you almost hit while passing another car on a bridge while playing your loud bachata music and throwing the empty bottle of Brugal that you just drank out the window and into the river.