Sosua is changing - like it or not.

We posted a text last week on our FaceBook page, evidently it originated from within Sosua’s police department.

Seems we are in the midst of another major crackdown on prostitution in town. Is this just the annual town clean up or have our local officials have finally decided to try to rid the town of the worlds oldest profession? We took a drive down Pedro Clisante on Saturday night and noted two police trucks filled to the brim with spandex and mascara. Obviously they were providing the ladies with free transportation to the jail. Good luck girls. The bars seemed to be doing just fine despite the increased police presence. We noted the usual suspects climbing the stairs up to Classicos, Bourbon Street and Kings also looked pretty busy.

To state what should be an obvious fact, prostitution is LEGAL in the Dominican Republic. Single men, divorced men, and married men come from thousands of miles away to peruse the offerings of Sosua. Don’t judge ladies, from what we hear the boys running the boat tours down on the beach seem to be doing quite well at night also. No one can foresee the day when the trade of trades will be outlawed in this country. To be quite honest, most of the time the girls don’t bother anyone except those looking to employ their services. But the optics are bad and we are guessing that is the root of the problem. Why would Sosua want to clamp down on prostitution and run off a large portion of the existing tourism, a portion that despite optics spends a lot of money in town? Well….read on.


If you turn towards the beach at Bologna Ristorante you’ll discover a quite little road with not much going on. If you drive down to the end of that quite road and you’ll find the worst kept secret in Sosua. Construction on two giant buildings, welcome to the Marriott Luxury Collection - SOSUA. In case you missed it the Marriott group is building three luxury resorts in the area, Cabarete, Sosua, and Puerto Plata. We also heard a little rumor about another large American hotel brand working on a deal here in town but we can’t confirm it nor can we reveal the name…HILTON.


The world is shrinking at a rapid pace and so is the amount of affordable coastal real estate. It would be naive to think that Sosua with three incredible beaches, an international airport (POP), and a host of activities ranging from waterfall excursions to deep sea fishing won’t be developed into a legit tourist destination. Five years from now we expect a Starbucks on Pedro and a Margaritaville overlooking Playa Alicia. What we don’t expect to see is a lot of spandex still pivoting up and down the business district Sosua. Change is coming, like it or not. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year but eventually…. this place is going to change.