Trump - aka the Tony Brooks story

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Tony Brooks is a retired American police officer living in the Dominican Republic. His compassion and drive to help the children in this country are bigger than his shoulders, larger than his arms and second only to his heart. Tony has been walking around town quietly putting together basketball camps, charity events and helping to provide educational opportunities for the children in our community. His Give a Child a Chance Project is providing college scholarships to local kids, they just handed out two scholarships last week. Back up and read that sentence again. This American was handing out college scholarships to kids in the Dominican Republic last week - while the rest of us were doing…?


You are wondering what this story has to do with Trump - hang on we’re getting to it.

I ran into Tony the other day and he told me about a small school that he was trying to start. The premise was simple yet brilliant. Provide English lessons to impoverished kids so that they’ll have better job opportunities as young adults. The tourism industry here has no where to go but up and having solid english skills will definitely pay dividends for these kids down the road. I asked him how he was funding it and I got the same answer that I always get from him - mostly out of his own pocket. Well we would like to HELP him and we are asking you folks to help also. Here are few ways that you could help ….


Donate some sports equipment (RYAN @ NIKE!!!!!! - looking at you)

Donate some time and volunteer

Donate some money - throw Tony a couple thousand pesos to help out with these kids. That's a bar tab to most of us.

Do you have office space downtown Sosua that you can donate for Tony’s FREE english school?

Can you help us spread the word about Tony… tell your friends and circulate Tony’s work amongst the other ex-pats?

SPORTS EQUIPMENT / VOLUNTEER / DONATE SOME CASH / SPREAD THE WORD - if 100 people donated $36.00 Tony could put one more kid in college this fall. That’s a bar tab for most of us.

His nonprofit is listed as FUNDACION SOCIAL NINOS BENDECIDOS FUSONBRNC and he is also registered as a non-profit with the IRS.

You can follow Tony via Facebook just click on this link. Here is a post that he put up the other day,

We are Blessed Children's Foundation, need your help! Our foundation want to open a FREE workshop for children whom are interested in being taught beginning English, at NO COST to the student! It's our believe teaching children is more important than charging a fee. We are having difficulty finding a location, in Sosua which will be safe for the kids and be rented at a reasonable price. The workshop will be 1hr. three days a week for a period of two months. Their will be 15 students for each session. Starting from 9 yrs to 13 yrs. That will be 5:00 to 6:00pm. The second group will 6:00 to 7:00pm 14 to 17 yrs old. Our foundation hope's to continue to motivate children in believing, education is a better way of life. Especially students that don't have the financial means to pay for private lessions. Please contact us 829 210 4023 Keimer Liberato. Little things make a difference. God bless. Two students on their to college thanks to We Are Blessed Children's Foundation

So what does Tony have to do with Donald Trump ? Not a damn thing, but we got you to read the story. Sometimes we have to be a little bit bad to do some good. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing but most importantly, thanks for helping Tony.