Tourism rebounding ???

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September is almost here and that signifies the lowest point in our SLOW SEASON. As Don Henley sang - “Nobody on the road. Nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air. The summer’s out of reach. Empty lake, empty streets. The Sun goes down along. The Boys of summer are gone. “

The summer doldrums are setting in and we don’t like it one bit. There is nothing more depressing than stacks of empty of loungers on a beautiful beach.

But wait, what’s this? A glimmer of optimism on the horizon perhaps?. Our friends over at just sent us the latest analytics and there seems to be a nice little spike in bookings for mid October. For the third weekend in October the vacancy rate has dropped to 42%, meaning that 58% of the available rooms are booked. Keep in mind that Sosua and Cabarete are pooled into the same search zone and there is a LOT of inventory between the two towns. Too much inventory. Hotels, inns, condos, villa rentals and apartments all fall into the same availability metric so it almost always high. We just did a quick check for the third weekend in October and both the Piergiorgio Palace hotel and New Garden hotel are completely booked, Las Palmeras only has three rooms left, and Casa Valeria 2 rooms left. Ultra Violet in Cabarete has 3 rooms left and the Millennium is filing up also. The report also shows an 7% increase over bookings during the same period last year. This is great news for our community.

Perhaps the mega hangover from that heavyweight combination punch of bad press, and the police crackdown Sosua is starting to wear off? Side note, our favorite bouncer tells us that the strip was very much alive on Friday and Saturday night. He’s reporting that it is business as usual once the clock strikes 10:00pm. We personally feel this is a good compromise for the city. Try to keep it classy (no spandex) during the day but let the night life do its thing during the appropriate hours.

Add to it, we’re finally seeing some really good airfare deals on the google flight matrix which could be one of the reasons for the uptick. We have a whole article pending about POP airport and the lack/expense of flights. Keep an eye out for that to post in the next week.

Pro Tip - google flight matrix pulls all of the available flight information including connections, flight times, availability and rates into one search. You can set it to scan a 30 day time period to pull the best fares. It doesn’t allow you to purchase directly from the site you have to head over to the individual airline site and purchase. Don’t worry, that isn’t a referral link, the matrix isn’t monetized. It’s an awesome tool and that’s why we are sharing it.

7 day r/t ticket prices

10/18/19 JFK to POP - $353 JetBlue

10/18/19 YYZ to POP - $412 AirTrans

10/18/19 BOS to POP - $362 American

10/17/19 MIA to POP $362 American - we call this the gold flight. With zero competition from Florida our beloved (not) American Airlines normally loves to gouge us on this route.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the bookings continue to rise and that those tourism dollars start flooding the coast in October. Positivity can be infectious. If your a local business owner you can play a big part in helping our area recover. Share great photos on FB, encourage positive discussion about our area and most importantly, keep your standards high even on the slowest of days. We’re all in this together.