American arrested in Cabarete

This is not the kind of news that we like to report.

Michael Daniel Harness was taken into custody two days ago in Cabarete. He is being accused of sexual exploitation against minors. Allegedly he was found in the company of two minor boys when the arrest was made. He was taken into custody by officers from the Domestic Violence, Gender and Sexual Offenses unit and transported down to Puerto Plata where he is awaiting a preliminary hearing. We have no other information regarding Mr. Harness or the circumstances involved nor are we speculating on his guilt or innocence but there are a few things to note here.

#1. The Dominican Legal system operates much different than that in North America. Here you are essentially guilty until proven innocent and it can take days before you are even arraigned or officially charged.

#2. If you enjoy preying on underage children, please stay the F out of the Dominican Republic. We don’t want you here.

There are two articles posted on Puerto Plata Digital by Antonio Heredia regarding this case.