The "Hurricane Proof" Dominican Republic nonsense.

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We’ve read some silly shit on the internet but this statement takes the cake. “No, it is science Cabarete is in fact hurricane proof.”

Just a reminder - Hurricane David came right across the island as a Category 5 hurricane in 1979 killing over 200 people as it passed. Puerto Plata, Sosua and yes Cabarete all suffered damage in that storm. Hurricane Georges slammed into the Dominican Republic in 1998 and caused $1 billion of damage across the island and killed over 380 people. So let’s please stop with the nonsense.

We got lucky, very lucky, super lucky, won money in a Dominican casino lucky that Hurricane Dorian did a stagger to the right and slipped past Hispaniola on its journey up through the Caribbean. There have been a lot of comments, articles and blog entries regarding the subject of hurricanes and the Dominican Republic. More than a few people are using Dorian’s change in path as a sales pitch. The claim is that this is clear proof that the Dominican Republic is some sort of hurricane safe haven. These statements are completely false and incredibly irresponsible.

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Tropical storms / hurricanes are steered by wind currents and pressure variants in the upper atmosphere and as such their movement is incredibly difficult to predict. All of this is evidenced by the 16 super computers that have so far botched every turn on Dorians path. The inclination that there is some sort of magical force pushing these storms away from our island is for the lack of a better term, complete bullshit. This “Hurricane Free Island” sales pitch may sit well with the timeshare guys but there isn’t a single meteorologist who would sign on with that claim. The mountain ranges on Hispaniola definitely effect storms as they pass over but they do nothing to ward off or change the path of approaching storms. 

The Dominican Republic has experienced 11 major storms over the last 80 years. That averages out to about one storm every seven years. True, we haven’t seen a direct hit from a major storm in quite a while but that doesn’t mean we can post the “Hurricane Free” signs.  That would be like saying San Fransisco is earthquake free.. “well they haven’t had a major quake in years, must be safe now”

Don’t believe the sales pitch. All it takes is one storm, just one. One direct impact will reveal the lack of construction standards, complacency regarding flood zones and the flaws in the aging electrical grid. Our message remains the same pay attention to developing storm systems, and have an active hurricane plan / exit strategy. 

Peace and love Dorian - now do us a favor and turn North before you hit our friends and family in Florida.  Sosua One will be back to regular programing unless another storm pops up. See ya on the beach. K lo K