Castillio Mundo King museum - just go up there.

Castillo Mundo King is a castle, an art museum, and a ufo space port. Best of all, it is located right here in Sosua. You can see it perched up on the hill just past Residential Hispaniola. MAP

I went up there three days ago and as I sit here writing this article I still can’t wrap my mind around everything that I saw. I’m finding it impossible to accurately describe the labyrinth of rooms, hallways, stairs and crypts. Amazing archeticuture (it is a castle after all) filled with art work ranging from funky ufo paintings to intricate stone sculptures that must have taken years to create.

The castle was built by a German artist named Rolf Schulz. He arrived in Sosua in 1990 and evidently lived inside his castle without water or electricity for the better part of three decades. Since his death last year the entire castle is open to explore, all six(?) floors of it including the crypt beneath it. The cost is a paltry 300 pesos and your free to explore on your own or you can have a guide accompany you for a small tip.

I had mixed emotions while exploring this place, part of me wanted to leave immediately the other part wanted to move in permanently. Some of the art is horrible, most of it is amazing, and some of the sculptures are so incredible they should be removed and placed in a protected museum with security, that good. I think the best way to describe the vibe inside the castle is Salvador Dali meets Area 51. Which brings me to the UFO’s - four of them, full size, not kidding and all set inside a Castle. I’m going to stop writing now.. just go up and explore this place, its well worth the 300 pesos.. Here are a bunch of pictures.