Time's up.... Clasico's closing???

Rumor : Clasicos, Merengue and the other disco/clubs located downtown on Pedro Clisante Sosua will be forced to close this week per government order. There was a lot of speculation that the closures were going to happen on Sunday but to the best of our knowledge they didn’t.  Our field “reporter” told us that there were more police than usual over the last few nights and that there was a lot of buzz about the upcoming forced closings.

We also received this :

Alain Rodríguez, Attorney General of the Republic, and the mayor of the municipality of Sosúa, Ilana Neumann held a meeting in the chapter hall of the City Hall with the merchants of Pedro Clisante Street in an effort to work for a more organized city.
Through municipal resolution all businesses linked to beverages such as bars and clubs were granted a period of more than one year which expired several months ago, for this reason the mayor announced on Friday that they will execute the resolution which limits the entire center of Batey Sosúa of this type of business that primarily serve as a meeting point for prostitution.
Mayor Ilana Neumann made the announcement to the owners of the Pedro Clisante street businesses in the presence of the Attorney General of the Republic, Jean Alain Rodríguez and other important authorities of the province of Puerto Plata, also insisting that it is not intended to harm, but they are regulatory measures in search of rescuing some areas of the tourism sector for all the Sosua families.
The business owners of Pedro Clisante Street and other surrounding streets have the opportunity to move to a permitted area or exchange their commercial activity for another that does not conflict with regulations.

The clubs, discos, and late night establishments were instructed to relocate down towards Playa Chiquita last year. The city gave them one year to relocate and so far, none have moved. This is all part of the city’s initiative to reduce the amount of prostitution downtown. 

Police presence was increased a few months ago in an effort to reduce the amount of blatant street prostitution. In our view the increase in patrols has been very successful especially during the afternoon hours. Not only are there a lot less “ladies” out in broad view but most of the con-artists and known scammers have also disappeared.

We’ll keep our ears open and report back.