Hockey on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic

Dust the sweater off, sharpen the skates put some new tape on the stick, its hockey time. The NHL season starts on October 2nd - Go Wings - but we’re not talking about that quite yet.

We’re talking about hockey right here on the North Coast. That’s right, Hockey / Dominican Republic / Sosua. A few of the boys started a league a few years ago and its been quite a success. Admittedly finding a good patch of ice is hard in these parts so these hosers leave the skates stay in the closet. Even without the ice these guys have a lot of fun. Its good exercise, friendly competition and an excellent way to meet new people.

The league is looking for additional players of any level. Like we said, this basically a beer league so its mostly about just getting out of the bar and having a bit of fun. If your interested in getting involved the best thing to do is to swing by Check Point bar in Sosua. The gang over there will fill you in on the league, game times and all the other details. Check Point is located in the Beach Plaza directly above Playa Sosua. Stop by, drink a cold beer and get the low down on this years hockey season. Heck, stop by even if your not interested in hockey.

Two of our favorite hockey clips of all time to get this season going eeehhhhh.