Field Trip - Boca Chica

Field Trip to Boca Chica

We know, we know, we know.. Boca has a bit of a reputation. But a 7:00am flight out of SDQ and some very good friends who live there mandated a short stay in Boca Chica. Not unlike Sosua, people either love Boca Chica or hate it. 

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To be fair, Boca Chica has some issues. But find a town in the Dominican Republic that doesn’t. The Sosua One team travels relentlessly and we’ve been to some pretty nasty spots over the years. Boca Chica is not even close to making our DO NOT travel list. In fact, way back in the day this used to be a prime vacation destination.

Compared to Playa Sosua there really is no beach. Just a thin barrier of sand in between the water and the beach bars, at spots you’ll be forced to walk in the water to get from point A to point B. The good news is that the water is absolutely gorgeous, it is like one gigantic bathtub. Calm, shallow water with those brilliant Caribbean hues, great for an afternoon dip.

The town itself is a bit rundown and I wouldn’t recommend it for honeymoons or family vacations. We did see a few couples walking around but they had that deer in headlights look that we occasionally see on Pedro Clisante in Sosua. Obviously someone misread the travel literature or were lured in by an incredible rate at one of the all inclusive deal “resorts”. Point blank, if your looking for a family atmosphere, this ain’t it. Think of Boca Chica as a college town for those of us well past our college years. After 7pm they close Calle Duarte off to traffic and it becomes one big walking street which is a good thing because the sidewalks are in horrific shape and can quickly ruin your drinking game. Restaurants and bars all extend their seating out into the street and the party begins.

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Our day started out at The Boat House for breakfast beers, lunch and football. This is a great spot on the beach and it is filled to the brim with expats. It checks all the marks, great food, excellent bartenders, water front location, sports on the TV’s and they even have rooms if you need a place to crash. The Boat House is a good spot to base your operations while in town. The 2 for 1 Cuba Libre happy hour got our day rolling along nicely.  

We spilled out onto Duarte later in the afternoon and strolled down to the Piano Bar. If there was ever a piano in this place it has long since vanished. But the music was on and we had the place basically to ourselves besides a few “local” girls who were posted up at the bar. The music came on and we drank until sundown and then fell out onto the street. Thankfully the pizza joints were open and we grabbed a table in the middle of the street. Good pizza, no idea? After all, there is no such thing as bad pizza after a day filled with rum drinks, questionable vodka and semi cold Presidentes. All we know for sure is that it did the job and stabilized the B.A.C. and we continued on into Bar Latino for more nonsense. We could go into detail about the rest of the evening but as we all know, whats happens in Boca stays in Boca. 


It was well past our self imposed curfew before we made it back to our rooms at FrioHot. One of the newer hotels/restaurants in town. Its located directly on Calle Duarte and within stumbling distance of the bars - thankfully. Cold AC, clean rooms, excellent security with breakfast included for just $38 usd.

Unlike Sosua, Boca Chica has seemingly embraced its reputation for nonsense. We saw a lot of chica’s roaming around looking for short term relationships. The bars all stayed open late and the music from the Batey Disco was pumping until 5am. It seems like some of the late night traffic might be shifting down to Boca due to the uncertainty of what’s happening in Sosua. 

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Boca Chica is kind of like that old biker chick who lives down the street. She hasn’t aged well, is rough around the edges but she is still a lot of fun to drink with. The town is safe enough to enjoy, the water is beautiful, you can easily find good food and there is a great cast of local characters to hang out with… Cowboy is going to kick our ass for posting his picture but he is absolutely one of the coolest people we have ever met. In conclusion, Boca is definitely worth the road trip if your looking hoot and holler for a few days and want to meet some new faces. If it’s your first time there stop in at the Boat House and introduce yourself to the Expat crowd at the bar. Top notch group of people and they will point in you in the right direction.