How to stream sports in the Dominican Republic.

We’re finally here, the epicenter of the sports year. The first week of October is a glorious time, we have NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA Football, Premier League, F1 and the NBA preseason!

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But how do you view these events when you are living or traveling abroad? Well the first method is the most obvious, subscribe to cable television. Delancer actually has a pretty good offering of channels including the NFL channel, ESPN, Fox sports networks, and the major networks. Jumping up to their HD package doubles the channels. Pro Tip: find the audio button on your remote, some of the channels broadcast in multiple languages and you can switch over to english.

The second method is the most fun, head to a sports bar. In Sosua head to Kings, Mid Town or Flip Flops. In Cabarete we’d recommend Kahunas or Goddesses..

For this article we are assuming that you don’t have cable tv, or access to a good sports bar (gasp!). Welcome to the digital age, there isn’t a channel or event that isn’t being streamed across the internet. The problem is that almost all of the streaming services put geographic restrictions on their broadcasts. Once you leave your home country the dreaded lock symbol or “out of region” text appears. Frustrating!!!!

Today we are going to tell you what every millennial already knows, you can stream just about anything for free. The trick is finding a legit stream that isn’t full of ads and won’t download a bunch of viruses onto your pc.

To get started you’ll need the following. 

  1. a good internet connection

  2. phone, tablet, computer or streaming device.

  3. we strongly recommend a VPN connection that allows you to set your location. We use TunnelBear and it works wonderfully.

  4. If your not using an Apple product you’ll need to find and download good virus protection software. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Our favorite streaming sites are as follows.

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Grandma Streams : This site will sometimes require your location to be set on the USA. This is where the VPN comes into use, set it to one of the American IP locations before you click on the stream links. The guys who run this site use Twitter to post the streams. They put them up about an hour before the games start. Open twitter and search @GrandmaStreamss - two s’s on the end not a typo.

Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 15.09.24.png

USTVGO : This one can be a bit twitchy sometimes but when it works, it works well. Navigate to on your web browser and select the category. This site also offers 24 hour streaming of regular tv programming.

Sports Surge: As with GrandMa Streams the streams on Sports Surge will not appear on the site until about one hour before the event is scheduled to begin.

First Row Sports: This one is an absolute pain in the arse but it does work. The problem is that you have to click thru dozens of pop up ads to get to the actual stream. EVERY pop up ad has a small X which will close out the window, the trick is finding it. You have to look very close at the window on some of the ads to locate it. Once you close it, another will pop up, and then another, then another. Eventually you will get to the stream. We use this site as a last resort. The web address changes constantly but you can find the link by typing into google.

All of these sites will involve a certain amount of frustration. Pop up ads, buffering, and dead streams will test your patience but where there is a will, there is a way.

If you know of another streaming source please drop us a note and we’ll add it to our list. As we all know it takes a village….