Ferries del Caribe - Santo Domingo to San Juan Puerto Rico


Did you know that there is a ferry that runs between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico? Did you know that this ferry is more like a mini cruise ship with cabins, restaurants, lounges, and bars? Did you know they have jazz musicians, live bands, dancing and cheap beer? Yeah, neither did we!

Ferries Del Caribe runs between Santo Domingo and San Juan several times per week and since we had to make a run over to Puerto Rico we thought we’d give it a try. The trip takes 12 hours and it is an overnight passage.

We made our reservation over the phone with the office in Santo Domingo. The girl took our information and nicely instructed us to please be at their terminal no later than 4pm, the ship has a scheduled departure time of 7pm and we were off the dock at 6:45pm. We booked a one passage with an interior stateroom ( we had no idea this would even be an option). The check in process is very similar to that of any airline. You get a boarding pass, go through a security screening, and finally passport control. The total process took less than forty minutes. Once on-board we were pleasantly surprised to find a band already playing on the outside deck and the bar fully functioning.

The fare for our passage was $192.00 including the cabin. Fare fluctuate based on demand - just like the airlines. So obviously the best bet is to call and book your passage early. Visiting Ferries De Caribe’s website will give further details and pricing including the cost for taking your car - yes, you are reading that correctly. The ship also transports cars.

Overall we give the experience an A+ - it was a fun way to get over to San Juan and get some America time at Plaza Las Americas

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